FIND provides for 11-25yr olds
We wont judge, or criticise
Its confidential and free
Within the centre YOU can:
1.) Walk in & help yourself to information on a range of issues and services that F.I.N.D. offer. Staff won't approach you and you don't have to talk to anyone - young people can just wander around and help themselves. It's all colour coded and it's easy to see where to go.
2.) Ask for more advice from the staff if you want to.
3.) Join a group workshop - ask what's on or book in if you have seen ads
4.) Talk to someone confidentially 1 to 1 - you can arrange this with the staff at the centre.
We have links with lots of organisations and many of them can allow staff to come to FIND. Upstairs there is a lovely one to one room (painted Indian ocean blue btw) where they can meet with you. We know of lots of other organisations who may also be able to help with any issue and we can put you in touch with them either.
If we don't have the information you need - we will do our best to find it for you.
The office and workshop rooms are upstairs too- the door to upstairs in round the corner of the building -off the carpark side /New Street.

Please let us know if there is any way we can make the centre better, we really do like to hear what you think of our efforts!
FIND is a cross community registered charity. The directors come from both sides of the community in Fermanagh. It is funded by the Public Health Agency under a pilot project initiative by the Minister of Health to help create a One Stop Shop for information, advice and direction for young people
(A word about confidentiality - the normal stuff applies - we will not tell anyone else what you tell us or ask us about but we will talk to you if we need to share information with someone else but - it is only if we believe that you or someone else is at serious risk of immediate harm and we need to get another person's help to keep everyone safe. We have no choice in this rule; its made by the law to  make sure people get help if they need it).
Friends or family over 25yrs who are worried about a young person can make an appointment outside opening hours.
Remember the information we provide is for information and understanding only and is not a substitute for professional advice.

Here is a picture of the staff at FIND in the Info Centre. It was taken on the day the NI Commissioner for Children and Young People; Patrica Lewlsey, visited the centre. In the back row; Hugh Keenan, Young Peoples facilitator, Dianne Little, Project Manager, Catherine Moore, Young People's facilitator and Denise McCallion WDACT / PHA.
Seated Left to Right; Patricia Lewlsey NICCY and Cathy Dowling FIND Office Manager.

The People
Hugh Keenan & Catherine Moore

Young People’s Facilitators 
We are here to help young people – (another way to say facilitate for you). We don’t judge, or  criticise and we won’ tell.  It’s free to talk to us and we aren’t trying to sell you anything.  We are not counsellors, we have experience of working with young people and training around understanding some common situations. We choose our job because we working with young people. You can ask either of us if there is any information  you need  and can’t find yourself or anything you are worried about. We have a growing amount of info under each topic, but if it’s not there we will do our best  to get the information for you. You may be worried about a friend and it’s ok to talk to us about that too. We will be going out to visit schools, sports centres,  youth clubs and places where young people hang out and getting to know as many of you as we can so that you know us and know what we can do for young people. Let us know if you would like us to come to your class or club to tell you more about what we do.  We can’t possibly get to meet all the young people in Fermanagh so please if you’re worried about anything or just want some info don’t be afraid to drop in to see us – we don’t bite!!  You can ask to speak to either of us.

If you have heard about  or seen an ad for a group workshop on sexual health, relationships, self esteem, drugs and alcohol, peer mentoring, legal and welfare, or other issue,  we  can book you on to that if there are places left – you can learn a lot in a workshop but there is always a good laugh too! The workshops are held upstairs in our own workshop space.

If you feel you need to talk to someone one to one  because  you are worried about something we can arrange that too. You can meet a trained counsellor privately in the one to one room upstairs, or you can meet another support worker  who specialises in the area you are concerned about and we can arrange that for you.

Everything you tell us is confidential, we promise not to tell anyone else about what you tell us except if you or someone else is at risk of serious harm.   You  can tell us if there is anything you would like us to have info on that maybe we have not thought of yet.

You can call us on 028 66 32 3722 or email us at
Cathy Dowling

Office Manager
Cathy organises us all, looks after all the paper work and the money ! She works in the office upstairs.  She keeps all the sensitive information very carefully locked away and generally keeps us  in order with how much we can spend on stuff and sorts out any training or things we need.

Cathy is on 028 66 32 55 59 or you can email her on
Dianne Little

Project Manager
Dianne is in charge of the project and arranges the service. She spends a lot of time on boring but important stuff to make sure that the project runs to a good standard that will do its best to provide for the young people in a really kind and good way. She always likes to know what young people think about what kind of services should be in the building for young people.

You can call her on 028 66 325559 or email her on